Friday, August 7, 2009

The Session #30 - Beer Desserts

Hi All,

Welcome to my post for this months the session. I would like to thank Beer 47 for hosting this month. This months topic is beer desserts. I am not that knowledgeable in beer desserts but I have had a few.

The first is a stout float (I have also had it with a porter) this is a very nice end to a meal or even as a nice stand alone snack. The creaminess of the ice cream mixes well with the chocolate/coffee notes of the stout. Its just like an adult root beer float just not as sweet.

The other that I can remember was this June at the National Homebrewers Conference. Sean Paxton the Homebrew Chef did a whole meal with rogue beers. Each course used the beer in the recipe and was paired with it. It was a great meal. Sorry slightly off topic. The meal ended with a chocolate moose made with the rogue chocolate stout served in a chocolate bowl. It was so rich that a few bites were more the enough but it was delicious. I couldn't have asked for a better ending to a great meal!!

My only other beer and dessert experience didn't involve beer as an ingredient but as a pairing. A nice hoppy IPA such as Hop Ottin from Anderson Valley and Carrot Cake are amazing together. Also a nice stout with chocolate cake works very well.

Overall I don't really think much about using beer as an ingredient in desserts but hopefully I will get some good ideas to try while reading the posts. Thanks again to beer 47 for hosting this month.

See you next month,
Matt C.

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