Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fermentation Friday Roundup - Breaking away from the Norm

Hi All,

Sorry about the late roundup. When I first thought of the topic I had an idea in mind. I wanted to know if all you home brewers out there slightly stepped outside the box when brewing. Meaning there are many types of hops, grains, and yeasts but when brewing you always see people using basic American 2-row, some of the 3 C hops, and some American ale yeast. I wanted to know if people ever slightly stepped outside the box by using some lesser know variety of hops like glacier, with a base of 6-row, using Safale 04 as the yeast. I don't think everyone got that and now that I have read what I asked for I don't think I made that very clear. So like Adam said I guess this turned in to taking risk and brewing outside the box cause that is how most of you answered the question. I think if I were to do it over again i think I would title the topic "Substitution Game - Getting A Similar Beer by Slightly Tweeking the Ingredients"

So here is the roundup for this month!

Jason from Brewing the Perfect Beer just used Pilsner Malt for the first time but will stick with 2-row due to cost.

Mr. Randolph over at Just Another Booze Blog must have had a lot of beers before writing but it was an entertaining read. Tip don't try to use fruit to hide beer flaws it don't work. It seems that he loved my topic so much he posted twice. I think this was the first one. He told us his favorite beer is Miller High Life ;-) and he tried to make it(even used the rice). It almost worked something went wrong with carbonation.

Rob at Pfiff was dumbfounded at the topic but I don't know why. His holiday ale is made with a pilsner malt. That's not the normal 2-row.

Jimmy at Hopwild tried some reverse psychology on me. He says try to use the 3 C hops in a recipe that normally doesn't call for them.

John at Brew Dudes says you need to balance the basics with the experimental just like you balance the hops and the malt.

Adam at Beer Bits 2 normal operations of on the fly brewing causes him to use ingredients not normally used in a recipe. He has to use what is on hand such as a hefeweizen yeast in a pale ale. This is what I am talking about.

Steph at Brew.Cook.Pair.Joy is rarely in the norm they have used the 3 C hops but no more then her use of noble hops. She also has used many regional base malts when brewing the beers of the region.

Thanks again to Adam at Beer Bits 2 for starting this fun event and allowing me to host again. I now hand the reigns to Jason at Brewing the Perfect Beer who will be hosting the September Fermentation Friday. I wonder what exciting topic he has in store for us.

See you all next month!!

Matt C.


JesseSanDiego said...

It must depend on STYLE!

If it is a german style beer, maybe I wouldn't use Pilsner Malt (btw, with a german style beer I wouldn't use American Ale yeast OR c-hops!)

Oh, and the reason for using basic american 2-row would be for cost buck per pound as opposed to 1.75-2.00 for Pils malt :)

It depends on the style!

M. Randolph said...

Bah! Lashed for the sins of blogging partner :) B James SO loves the High Life; though I neither confirm nor deny my blogging drunk while merely alluding to his. Sorry I totally missed the boat about the topic and thanks for hosting.