Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beer Review #42 - Big Sky Moose Drool

Hi All,

Here is my review of Big Sky Moose Drool. Enjoy!

Appearance - The Moose Drool pours a nice brown with a short lasting off white head that leaves a good lacing.

Aroma - The Moose Drool is very malt forward with a lot of chocolate in the nose.

Taste - The Moose Drool is also malt forward but there is good bitterness. The taste of chocolate and a light roast really comes through.

Mouthfeel The Moose Drool is very light and there is good carbonation. Most of the taste hits the back of your tounge.

Overall - The Moose Drool is a good brown ale. It is light enough that you can drink it in the summer but big enough that it would work in the winter.

Matt C.


dyana said...

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Kerry Howell said...

My wife and I have enjoyed Moose Drool for quite a few years. I recently used it in a recipe that called for a dark beer.

It added a wonderful flavor to the meat and I highly recommend it for cooking.

You can read the recipe information and my experience on my blog Adventures In Food: "Here's the Beef" -

Kerry Howell author Adventures In Food