Thursday, August 20, 2009

August Fermentation Friday Topic Announcement

Hi Guys,

I volunteered to host another Fermentation Friday but I didn't realize it would come so soon. For the last few days I have been racking the brain for a fun and stimulating topic and I think I may finally have come up with one. Ok, Ok I am am lying my topic ended up going back to the basics. In this case the basics are the ingredients. Most home brewers I know and read about use the standard 2 row base malt and the 3 big C's for the hops and maybe a nice 1056 or 05 for the yeast. In my book that is kind of boring even though I do it myself. I want to know if and why you break away from the norm. Do you use Maris Otter for your base and Tettenger as the hop. Or have you ever tried using a specialty malt as a base (can this even be done)? Do you like to mix up the yeast or do you always stay the same. So bust out your out of the norm recipes and tell me why you chose what you did.

Let me and the world know! See you on August 28th!! Send me an email if you know it or just post a comment here and I will compile them all in a nice post as usual.

Peace out and see you all soon!

Matt C.


JesseSanDiego said...

Umm...2-row is done for the most part for cost control...why go break the bank when all you need the base malt is to create those gravity points.

You can use a different malt to give it a different taste, however most those tastes can be achieved by using it in less quantity anyway.

But then again, who am I to say that when Mr. Beer Himself (Charlie Papazian) brewed one with smoked malt at 70% of the grist!

Adam said...

I think we can work with that. I'll repost your announcement. Thanks again :-)

See you next Friday!

Steph Weber said...

Here's my contribution, thanks!

Jason said...

My contribution for this month!


Adam said...

And here you have the Beer Bits 2 contribution.

Brew Dudes said...

Hi Matt,

Here's our post for Fermentation Friday:

Homebrewing Risks

B James said...

Weird ingredients is something me and my cohorts do well, as outlined in "Half-assing your way to innovation"

Thanks for hosting again!

jimmyv said...

I'm in. Don't brew boring beer!

Thanks for hosting!


Rob said...

Here you go, my admittedly subpar entry. I just can't stay away, even when I have nothing to say... Thanks for hosting!

M. Randolph said...

Here's my entry, hope I'm not too late. Thanks again for hosting!


I should have the roundup sometime between Tonight(Sunday) and Tuesday night.

Thanks you all for posting.