Friday, June 5, 2009

The Session #28 - Think and Drink Globally

Hi All,

Welcome to this month The Session hosted by Brian @ Red, White and Brew. This month topic is Think and Drink Globally is an interesting one. And his request to discuss the farthest brewery you have been to was also interest and I may be cheating slightly on my pick but oh well. Well on to the post.

I really like to think and drink globally when it comes to the beers I drink. I always try to find beers from all over the world to try. Whether it be from Germany, China, Australia, or Brazil. If its something I haven't had before then I am going to try it. Drinking an ethnic beer is like a mind vacation. I always try and place myself in that country or region trying to imagine what I would be doing and who I would be hanging with while there. For example a few weeks ago i drank a Xingu Brazilian Black Beer. I imaged chilling on the beach in Rio de Janeiro,in my nice tight speedo of course, checking out the merchandise if you know what I mean. ;-) It was a very relaxing. Another great example of this is every time I drink a German beer it takes me back to my trip to Germany and the great time my wife and I had. That trip got me truly into good beer.

This leads into the farthest brewery I have visited and why it may be a slight cheat. I went to the Spaten brewery but didn't take a tour but I did go to there gift shop. So does that count. If it doesn't then the farthest brewery I attended at the time would be Russian River in Santa Rosa, CA. I was living in FL the first time I went to their brewery/restaurant. You can take your pick pick but i think it should count.

Every trip I take weather it be local or global I try and find the local brew. Its a great way to meet people and to support good craft beer. Also as a home brewer I try to brew globally. I have brewed a British ESB, 2 German Hefeweizens, a Belgian Double, and French/Belgian Saison. I find it very enjoyable to try and brew the beers of different regions. Its a great way to see how the world enjoys and creates their beer.

Thanks again to Brian from hosting this months topic and I am looking forward to reading other peoples adventures in beers.

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