Sunday, June 28, 2009

National Homebrew Conference in Oakland Day 3

Hi All,

Welcome to day 3 and final NHC recap. Like I stated in the last post I actually went to bed early the night before so the day started infinitely better the Friday. I was back to almost a 100%. I got up nice and early and made the troubleshooting panel. This was probably my favorite session of the conference. The panel which consisted of some of the brewing worlds rockstar giving tips on homebrewing issues and how to correct them hosted by James Spencer of Basic Brewing Radio. If you don't know Tomme, Vinnie, Ken G, John P then IMHO you don't know beer. After that session I hit the equipment geek presentation and sampled some beer at the hospitality suite. I finished the morning with a hot dog and Italian sausage sandwich from Top Dog and a coffee from peets.

The afternoon consisted of 3 more sessions and more beer sampling. I really enjoyed the Beer and Chocolate session and Tomme's session on ingredients 5-10 (not what you think watch the presentation.) After the last session I went back to my room dropped off my stuff and then got in line for the awards banquet. While in line volunteers made sure our cups were filled with a the conference IPA and Saison. I say it again this is the best conference ever.

The final event of the conference was the dinner. The dinner was designed by the Homebrew Chef Sean Paxton and prepared by the Marriot's banquet staff. All the courses were made and paired with Rogue beers the dinner's sponsor. Everything was awesome.

The first course was a Chinese Chicken salad with a Mom's Hefeweizen Ginger dressing.

The second course was a Charlie's American Amber Ale Marinated Pork Roast with mashed potato and seasonal veggies. This may have been the best pork I have ever had.

The final course was chocolate moose paired with a Russian Imperial Chocolate Stout. I would say the flavors were amazing together but it was a little rich for me. I was only able to handle a few bites but for me that what desert should be.

After dinner there was the awards ceremony for the homebrew competition and then off to The Trapist (a new beer bar a few blocks from the convention center.) Finally, me and my new buddy John hit the hospitality suite one last time and the off to bed about 2am.

This was an amazing conference and if I can swing it I hope to hit the 2010 conference in MN. This will kill 2 birds with one stone. I can visit MN and I can finally see Midwest Supplies the place I buy most of my ingredients for brewing.

Hope you all enjoyed my recap on the NHC 2009 I sure did. I am not kidding this was by far the best conference I have ever attended. If you are a homebrewer this is the place to be.

Matt C.

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