Tuesday, June 23, 2009

National Homebrew Conference in Oakland Day 2

Hi All,

Here is the day 2 recap of the NHC Oakland but first I missed something very important in the last post. I mean this is big. I had ramen for lunch in Japanese restaurant across the street from my hotel. It was really good. The broth, the veggies and the noodles made a great soup. I told you it was big!! ;-)

Well on to day 2. Lets just say it started out rather rough from the night before. I overslept through the first session but i made it to the next session part 2 of Randy Moshier's and Ray Daniels advanced brewing techniques. It was rather interesting even with a slight headache and haze. After the session I was beat so I took a 2 hour nap, got some lunch and some advil and attended all 3 of the afternoon sessions. I even managed to try a few beers in the hospitality suite. I came to drink beer and wasn't going to let a slight hangover (ok rather large hangover) stop me from trying homebrews.

Before club night I took another 2 hour nap and went to whet to have dinner at a Thai reseraunt but the hotel sent me to a Cambodian resteraunt instead. It ended up being a very good dinner. I really enjoyed my curry!

Then I hit club night with my new buddies John and Jesse. I was way better tonight in terms of quantity. I tasted and dumped through out the night. I will admit not all of this is by choice. I was only back to 75%. There were some great homebrews and some not so great homebrews but it was a blast. That might have been the best beer fest I have ever attended. Finally I woosed out a little and hit the sac around midnight. I actually wanted to attend the troubleshooting panel the next morning.

Day 2 was a good one stay tuned for day 3.

Matt C.

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