Sunday, June 21, 2009

National Homebrew Conference in Oakland Day 1

Hi all,

Over the next few days or so I will be doing a quick recap of the NHC. I plan to do 1 for each day so if you care about how it went read up over the next few days!!

Picture this you walk into a hotel lobby ready to register for a conference. You get in line show them your ID and they give you your name badge and a gift bag. Everyone one has done that right, easy to picture! After that everything is different about this conference. Not only do you get the normal stuff but they give you a glass, some small homebrew equipment and some bombers of beer. Sweet right!! It only gets better after that. Your next stop is the hospitality suite where beer will be served non stop (except from 3am-8am)on Thursday till 2am Sunday Morning. The suite is hosted buy the homebrew clubs from around the country. Every club that had a shift in the suite had at least 10 beers on tap to sample. Can you say a lot of beer?

After sampling a few beers I went back to the room to drop off all my things before volunteering to be a steward at the NHC homebrew competition. This was my first experience with a beer judging competition so it was pretty interesting. For about 4 hours I served beer in category 7(Amber Hybrid Beer) of the BJCP style guide. I would love to be a certified judge some day so it was really interesting to see how the beers were described and judged. I also got to meet Ramona who was my lead steward who helped show me the judging ropes. She was really cool and we hung out a few times over the next couple of days. She is a member of HAZE a homebrew club between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

I had been up for since 330 am that morning so I was starting to get a little tired so I headed back to room. It was going to be nap time but i decided I was hungry so I went to Pacific Coast Brewing for a quick dinner before Pro-Brewers night. While eating I met my first QUAFF homebrew club(one of the San Diego clubs) member Loren(dude)and we talked beer and homebrew and ate some supper. I never did get in my nap!

Now on to Pro-Brewers night. Pro night is basically a small beer festival. I was walking around and I met 2 more QUAFF members John and Jesse. These are the 2 I hung out with most the rest of the conference. I am not really going to describe how this went lets just say I sampled a lot of beers. I had beers from Russian River, Dogfish Head, Deschutes, Shmaltz, etc. It was a very quick 3 hours but then we decided to hit The Trappist a beer bar down the street(probably wasn't a very good idea now that I think about it). It got till about 2am and i finally hit the sack (or was it passed out). I had been up for almost 24 hours.

Stay tuned for Friday Day 2!!

Matt C.

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