Friday, May 1, 2009

The Session #27 - Beer Cocktails

Hi All,

Welcome to my post for this months Session Beer Cocktails. This month is hosted by the folks over at Beer at Joe's. This months topis is rather interesting. I never really thought to write much about beer cocktails but I have had a few. Actually I had a few over the last couple of weeks.

The first one I will discuss is the snakebite. The snakebite which is a mix of Lenghtwise porter and hard cider. I think I have heard of it being made with a stout also. I don't know what it is about it but i think people either love it or hate it. I personally like it. I think the crispness of cider and the roast and coffee flavor of the porter work really well together. The cider thins out the porter giving it a good mouthfeel. I think it just works!

The other beer cocktail I had recently was also from the local brewpub lengthwise. Its name is the goat nut. You can see my review of the goat nut here! It is a blend of their Triple Hop Amber and their Harvest Wheat. I am not going to talk much about it you can read my post if you are interested in knowing what i think about it. I am just going to question if this is actually a cocktail.

According to dictionary. com a cocktail is "any of various short mixed drinks, consisting typically of gin, whiskey, rum, vodka, or brandy, with different admixtures, as vermouth, fruit juices, or flavorings, usually chilled and frequently sweetened." This definition leads me to believe that beer blends and even the snakebite isn't really a cocktail at all. I think there may need to be some hard liquor. So i guess that means that the last beer cocktail I had was an Irish car bomb last summer. For those of you that don't know an Irish car bomb is a half pint of Guiness and a shot of 1/2 Baileys and 1/2 Jameson. Now let me tell you that is good stuff!! I think the Irish know know how to go both straight up or cocktail it.

Whether you think that beer blended at the tap, a beer with a shot of booze, or any other mix of beer and alcohol is a cocktail all you need to know is that they have the potential to be very nice indeed. I will admit I am mostly a straight up beer guy but I also like the adventure of trying new things. So I say give it a try!!

Thanks again to the folks at Beer at Joe's for hosting this month. I am looking forward to some good reads.

See you all next month,

Matt C.

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Anonymous said...

The guinness-baileys-whisky is interesting! If I found myself with a can of guinness I would try this. I wonder if these are actually drunk in Ireland? If so they certainly have a different name!