Friday, May 8, 2009

Las Vegas Beer Bar

Hi All,

I am in Vegas for a friends bachelor party and he wanted to go to this place called the Burger Bar in the Mandalay Bay Mall. I love a good burger so I was happy to go but when I got there I didn't realize it was going to be a really good beer bar also. The had beers from Dogfish Head (including 90 min on draft), Deschutes, Chimay, Pyramid, ect. You are able to make your own samplers. I started with a pint of the DFH Indian Brown Ale and then had a 5 sampler of:

Burger Bar Amber Lager - House beer figured I would try it
Lost Coast Tangerine Ale
Deschutes Hop Henge Experimental
Speak Easy Big Daddy IPA
DFH 90 min

I read a lot of beer sites and I have never seen the one listed. If you are ever in Vegas and what a good burger and great beers check out the Burger Bar.

Matt C.


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