Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beer Review #35 - Grand Canyon Brewing Company Sunset Amber

Hi All,

For this review I am going to be tasting the beer from a Growler from the Grand Canyon Brewing Company. My friends Vicki and Sue were nice enough to bring it back from a 3 week long road trip/camping trip.

Pour - The GC Amber pours a nice copper color with a good head that lasts a while. There is also some good lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma - The GC Amber has a nice hint of caramel and some sweetness. I do get a little bit of grassyness from the hops also.

Taste - The GC Amber tastes very different then what I was expecting. I do get some caramel but I also get some smoke in the back of the mouth. There is also a slightly bitter aftertaste. Its very interesting.

Mouthfeel - The GC Amber has a medium body and good carbonation. The beer leaves a nice coating of flavors through out the mouth.

Drinkabilty - The GC Amber is drinkable but after a while the smoke really comes through and makes me thirsty. I have never had this experience before with a beer.

I am really glad my friends thought of me when they were on the road. Remberber a majority of the populated US has a brewery within 25 miles of there home. So if you are on the road swing by for a pint and maybe dinner. You probably won't be dissapointed!!

Matt C.

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