Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beer Review #29 - Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

Hi All,

Three reviews in one weekend this may be a record. You can thank Twitter Taste Live for this review. The whole evening was Flying Dog Beers and I happened to have the Gonzo in the beer fridge. Not a bad deal huh!

Appearance - The appearance of the Gonzo pours a really dark brown almost black with a light brown foamy head.

Aroma - This aroma of the Gonzo is amazing. There are hints of coffee, caramel, chocolate, and a light hop aroma.

Taste - The taste of the Gonzo mirrors the aroma. The coffee, caramel, chocolate, and a light hops blend together to make this a very well made porter.

Mouthfeel - The Gonzo has a medium body and light carbonation. There is also a slight alcohol warmth.

Drinkability - The Gonzo is a great Porter. It is everything a good porter should be.

You all know that I am not a big Porter guy but this was probably my favorite to date. If you get a chance to try it I highly recommend you do. Actually I highly recommend that you try all the Canis Major line from Flying Dog. They know how to make good beer.

See you next time!!

Matt C.

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