Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beer Review #23 - Anderson Valley 20th Anniversery Imperial IPA

Hi All,

   Today I am going to review the 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA.  Anderson Valley makes one of my favorite IPA's so I am expecting alot from this beer.

Appearance - This IIPA pours a beautiful golden orange with a long lasting lacing head.  Gosh its pretty!!

Aroma - This IIPA has a lot going in the nose.  There is citrus, pine, grass, and some malty sweetness.  I can smell this is going to be tasty. 

Taste - This IIPA has a lot of flavor.  With all the aroma and all the hops I was expecting a true hop bomb but this is a very well balanced beer.  There is great bitterness and a good blend of flavors from the different hops added.

Mouthfeel - I love hop bitterness in beer and this IIPA has a great bitterness that lasts in your mouth.  This isn't the bitter beerface bitterness this is the smooth lots of early hop bitterness.

Drinkability - This IIPA is very drinkable and at 8.7% ABV you can have more then 1 (probably no more then 2) and still feel good.  And with the great balance in flavors beer drinkers who don't like the really hoppy beers would probably enjoy this.

I really enjoy when a great brewery releases a special beer and it meets and many time exceeds there normal brews.  Anderson Valley did it with this on. 

See you next time!!

Matt C.

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