Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beer Review #22 - 2008 Alaskan Smoked Porter

Hi All,

I hope you enjoy my review of the 2008 Alaskan Smoked Porter. This review is in conjunction with my post for The Session #26 Smoke'em if you Got'em. I had planned on drinking the 2007 release but after a long week at work and 10 week old at home I got permission from the wife to have a happy hour. So me and my buddy went to this new wine bar (they sell beer and spirits also) and had a beer and a cigar. I chose the the Alaskan Smoked Porter to get credit for the session requirement.

Appearance - This porter pours a beautiful brown with a small almost almond color head. The head didn't last very long but it left a nice lacing on side of the glass. This was a very nice looking beer.

Aroma - The smoked porter had a lot of subtle aromas. I got some smoke (of course) that wasn't over powering and was actually very pleasant. There were also hints of coffee, chocolate, and roasted malts.

Taste - Many times when you taste a beer it ends up not tasting like it smells. In this case the taste mirrored the aroma. You could taste the light smokiness and hints of coffee chocolate and roasted malts. This beer was very complex and everything worked together well.

Mouthfeel - This smoked porter has a good mouthfeel. It wasn't too heavy and it wasn't to light. There was very nice coating of the mouth with each drink allowing all the subtle flavors to hit the right area of the pallate.

Drinkability - This beer is rather drinkable for a smoked beer. As I stated in my session post I am not very knowledgeable in the smoked beer style but most smoked beers I have tried the smoke has been very overpowering. This beer was different. There was a nice hint of smoke in a well made porter so everything worked well together.

See you next time!!

Matt C.

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