Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beer Review #15 - Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Hi all,

I just realized that I some how missed 2 posts . Either that or I labeled them differently. So I am going to write post #15 now. It will be out of order but who cares just deal! :-)

Appearance - The Torpedo pours a nice dark golden with a hint of amber with a nice head that dissipates slowly and leaves a nice lacing.

Aroma - The hop aroma is music to my nose. I get a lot of pine, citrus, and herbal notes.

Taste - The taste is just what an IPA should be nicely balanced but with nice hop bitterness and flavor. The citrus is the predominate hop flavor in the Torpedo.

Mouthfeel - The Torpedo's has a medium body with good carbonation that helps carry the flavor throughout the pallate.

Drinkability - This is a very good beer if you like hops but also like balance. This is another great beer in Sierra Nevada's line of great beer.

See you next time!!

Matt C.

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