Friday, April 24, 2009

April Fermentation Friday - Alcohol in Brewing

Hi All,

First off I would like to thanks Northern Table for hosting this months Fermentation Friday. The topic this month is nothing but alcohol and how you use it in brewing. This months topic is going to be short and sweet as I have never used alcohol in brewing and until I read the topic I didn't know others has either and I do a lot of reading on brewing. I probably would have skipped this month due to no content but I did promise as a new years resolution to participate in every Fermentation Friday this year.

The only time I have ever used alcohol in brewing is I used vodka to sanitize and fill the airlock my first few brews because I read somewhere that it was one extra level of protection that you could do to prevent contamination. I am still pretty conscious of sanitation but i have laxed a little and just use water now. You know why waste good booze in an airlock.

Thanks again to the folks at Northern Table for hosting this month. I am REALLY interested in seeing everyones posts this month. I am always looking for new things to play with and experiment with in brewing.

See you all next month!!

Matt C.

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Thanks for participating, the summary post is up!