Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Session #24 - A Tripel for Two and Beer Review #9 - Chimay Triple (Cinq Cents)

Hi All,

Welcome to this months session hosted by Musings Over A Pint. I am going to use the topic this month to slightly cheat on my posting goals for 2009. First I will try and answer this months topic and then I will do my best to review the beer the I chose. Well lets get started!!

First off I would like to say I am not very knowledgeable in Belgian Trippels. I know I have had a few but I can't really tell you which ones other then Anderson Valley's Brother David's, Allagash Trippel Reserve (Review), and now Chimay Trippel. I am trying to do better and documenting what I beers I have tried.

The first one, Brother David's I was actually by myself at the GABF. It had just won an award this year so I had to try it. Let me tell you it was actually rather tasty if i rememeber correctly. The second one I remember is the Allagash Trippel Reserve and this one I remember well. I popped it open and shared it with my mother in law and a coworker the day after I brought my first child Catherine Grace home from the hospital last month. You can read the review above I really enjoyed this beer but part of it may have been due the occasion. Now on to the one I chose for the session and my review.

I chose the Cinq Cents Chimay's Trippel. Actually I didn't chose it for any reason other then its the only tripple I found at the liquor store. Since the topic is a tripel for 2 I am sharing it with my wife who happens to be a friend, a relative (only through marriage), and a lover (go figure).

Appearance -This beer pours a beautiful hazy dark blond at 46 degrees with a long last head that leaves lacing on the side

Smell - This beer has a nice sweet scent. I get a very small yeasty and light hop flavor. I also get some fruit notes.

Taste - The sweetness of the malt, the slight bitterness of the hops, and a little raisin really come through in the taste.

Mouthfeel - I feel this beers mouthfeel is really nice. It has nice smoothness and a little chewyness from the yeast. There is a nice lingering after taste that coats your mouth.

Drinkability - This beer is very drinkable. At 8% ABV drinking one of these beers over the course of an evening. As the beer warms you can taste different subtlties in the beer. I say sip and enjoy this beer.

I don't know if I could pick a specific trippel to share with people as the are all good in there own way. I suppose I would go with the Chimay as it most authentic that I have tried. You can't be more true to style then one of the creators. I would like to thank David @ Musings over a pint for hosting this month. It was a good topic and one that will help me on my way to more appreciate belgian beers.

See you all next month,

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haddonsman said...

Good choice, Matt; it's such a easy-drinker like you say. If you ever get the chance, try Tripel Karmeleit - even smoother!