Monday, February 2, 2009

February Fermentation Friday Topic Announcement - Cleaning and Sanitization

Hi all,

Fermentation Friday was started by Adam over at Beer Bits 2, and it’s a chance for all homebrew bloggers to sound off on a singular theme at a set date - the last Friday of each month (check out Adam’s post explaining the origins).

I have been reading a lot of forums and books lately about cleaning and sanitization practices. Like most topics in home brewing there are 100's of different ways to clean and sanitize your equipment. I would like you to post about the process and chemicals you use to prepare your equipment. I would also like you to discuss what you have tried in the past and why you finally settled on your current process.

As a bonus those of you who read my blog may have noticed that I am trying to review beers and i like seeing how other do reviews. So please chose a home brew you have and describe it to me either in a beer review format or a short paragraph.

See you in a few week!!
Matt C.


Adam said...

Got it!

Brew Dudes said...

Here is our contribution to this month's Fermentation Friday theme:

M. Randolph said...

Hi Matt- My post is here. My blogging partner put his up there. Thanks for hosting!

Tony said...

Hey, wonder of wonders I remembered about Fermentation Friday!

I've posted here!

Steph Weber said...

Here's my post for today's Fermentation Friday:


Anonymous said...

I'm in:

Keith Brainard said...

Love the topic!

Here's my post.


Dave said...

Here's my contribution

Rob said...

Hope my post can shine a little light on the way we do things around here. Enjoy! And thanks for hosting!