Friday, January 2, 2009

The Session #23 Miss about '08 Excited about '09

Hi all,

Welcome to this months the session. This month is hosted by the folks over at Beer and Firkins. I really like this months topic. I didn't really think about 2008 that much, but it probably has been the best year of my beer life.

First I started homebrewing, or should I say actually succeeded in homebrewing. I brewed 10 batches everyone different and everyone tasted good. Only 3 where what i was expecting but they were all really nice drinkable beers. Who would have thunk it I could make beer? I has been a great hobby and I can't wait to see what 2009 holds in my home brewing hobby. I already know what 2 of them will be. One will be my biggest beer to date a 9.5% ABV American Style Imeperial IPA using a British Ale yeast cake from my last brew of 2008 an ESB. The other will be the exact opposite a real small beer a mid 3% ABV blonde. I like having a beer with dinner but I don't always want a lot or alcohol(or calories for that matter) and there isn't much of a selection in the market to meet my needs so i'll do it myself. My only other plans for 2009 in terms of homebrewing is I would like to go all grain and I want to brew 10 batches again. I think I can make both happen.

Second I went on 2 great beer related trips. For my birthday my wife took me to Portland Oregon. Let me tell you they know beer. I must have tried 50 different beers. I will admit I don't remember most of them but my goal for this trip was to try and taste as many portland brewed beers as I could. I had a blast and I would highly recommend portland if you want to take a beer trip or even a family trip. Portland is a great destination. My next beer trip was to the GABF. I wasn't supposed to attend this event becasue we were supposed to go on a family cruise but my wife got pregnant with our first child and you can't cruise after so many weeks. So I tossed out the idea of GABF and my wife said yes. You know when you about to defend the expected no answer and you realize the other person said yes. Thats what happened here. I had a blast again I have no idea how many i tasted but lets just say I was beer'ed out by the end of the 3 days. GABF really is beer mecca. My only complaint is that none of my friends or family were able to attend so if I can get back in 2009 I want to bring a few people. 2009 won't be quite as exciting in terms of travel but I do have plans to attend the Nation Homebrewers Conference in Oakland and I am going to Asheville, NC for the holidays next years so I will be trying as many of there brewpubs as I can. I also hope to go to the GABF again if possible but I am guessing it may not happen this year. So it does look like 2009 will be a good year of beer travel.

I have a lot to look forward to in 2009 interms of beer but I also will be having my first child in less then 2 weeks. 2009 is going to keep me real busy and I can't wait to see how it goes. I am pretty sure 2009 will be better then 2008 both in terms of beer and life.

I would like to again thank the folks over at Beer and Firkins for hosting this month session and I am looking forward to what the session will bring and what I can learn about beer and life in 2009. Talk to you next month!


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