Monday, January 19, 2009

Beer Review #5 - Allagash Tripel Reserve

Hi all,

Here is my 5th and most special review of the year!! This time I am drinking with my mother in law and coworker the Allagash Tripel Reserve Batch #115 in celebration of bringing my first child home from the hospital. Little Catherine Grace is 7lb 9oz!!

Appearance -This beer pours a beautiful clear blond with a long lasting lacy head. You can see a nice effervescence floating through the glass.

Smell - This beer has a nice sweet estery fruity scent. This is a very good example, in my opinion, of a tripel.

Taste - The sweetness of the malt and the warmness of the alcohol really come through in the taste. I also really like the fruity easters. I kind of taste a little banana and citrus. Which either means I am not rally good at describing what I am tasting or Allagash did there own interpretation on a Tripel. Either way I really like it.

Mouthfeel - I feel this beers mouthfeel is really nice. It has some substance yet is smooth going down the throat.

Drinkability - This beer is very drinkable with a few friends. At 9% ABV drinking one of these over a few hours would be perfect. If you get a chance I highly reccomend you try this beer of you are ever in Portland, Maine or if you see it at the local beer store. You won't be dissapointed.

Talk to you later!!

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