Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beer Review #3 - Hoptown Paint the Town Red Amber Ale

Hi All,

Here is my 3rd review of the year. I hope you are reading these and getting something out of them. Also please leave comments and let me know what i can improve on. I am always looking to improve how I describe beers.

Appearance - It is pours a nice amber color with a good long lasting head. But due to it being unfiltered it was very hazy

Smell - This beer had i nice crisp hop scent. I felt nose gave off floral and grassy notes. The scent made me really want to try it.

Taste - This beer tastes a lot like it smells, fresh and crisp. I also felt that it was sweet yet hoppy at the same time. Its kind of like you wanted a malty sweet beer you could reach for this or if you wanted a hoppy beer you could also reach for this.

Mouthfeel - I think that since it isn't filtered it gave it a very nice mouth feel. I think if it was filtered it may have been a thin beer but by leaving in the yeast it gave it a little bit of chewiness.

This was a very enjoyable beer and if you get a chance to try it I would recommend it.

Talk to you later!!

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