Saturday, January 3, 2009

Beer Review #1 - Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic

Hi All,

This is my first review of a proposed 104. Thats right my goal for this year is to rate 2 beers a week. I think that that is a good number and it will allow me to learn more about beer and hopefully help me understand what is going into a beer so that I can better understand what will happen to a beer i brew if I use similar ingredients.

Color - The color of this beer is a very light amber. It kind of reminds me of a rose wine. The beer is also very clear with little head formation.

Smell (nose) - This beer smells fruity with cranberry being the defining scent. Makes sense since it is a cranberry lambic.

Taste - This beer has has a light sour taste and you can taste the tartness of the cranberries. I feel there could be a little more carbonation to help bring out the flavors. Also this beer isn't as sour as most lambic beers I have tried in the past.

Body - This is a rather thin beer but it isn't too thin. It has a decent mouth feel. I hate keep having to go to other beverages but it has the mouth feel of a white zin or a wine cooler. I don't feel that is bad for this beer but its the easiest way to describe it. I am glad it isn't really heavy and sugary as other lambics.

Drinkability - This beer is very drinkable. It is nice and light and you could have more than one and still feel good. Like I stated before a little more carbonation would really increase the flavor and drinkability of this beer. If you ever get an opertunity to try this beer I would. I don't feel it is true to style but it would be a good precurser to a true lambic. Also this would be a better beer with dessert then with dinner in my opinion.

Well I hope you enjoyed the first review of my 2009 reviewing goal. Please feel free to let me know if I am doing something worng or should cover and area better.

Talk to you later!!

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