Friday, November 7, 2008

The Session # 21 Wrapup

Wow I don’t know whether to apologize, cry or be psyched about this month’s topic. I feel that I just went 12 rounds with Tyson in his prime. There is definitely some strong opinions on this topic. Some have a favorite, some say they don’t and some say they don’t but played the game anyway. We got the whole gambit. I don’t think I will apologize because I love heated discussions but if you let me play with you all again (host) I will definitely narrow down the topic. I won’t cry because I am MAN and I don’t do that ;-). So I guess I will have to be psyched about this month’s topic even though all the jabs left a black-eye. I am really happy that this discussion was able to show the passion that everyone has about beer.

Without further a do here is the summary of the posts!!

Since I am hosting I will start off with mine. I do have a favorite beer, a favorite restaurant, a favorite wine, a favorite food and favorite everything else yet I am a taster. Give me samples of anything and I will try it and I have a goal to try as many things from as many places as I can but I still know old reliables.

Mario @ Brewed for Thought tried to show his favorite beer by the ingredients that make up beer at the end he almost picked one. Thanks for linking the reviews.

Rob @ Pfiff! played the game and chose his favorite beer the one in front of him at the time.

A Good Beer Blog has not time for stinking favorites.

Shaun @ 21st Amendment says Coors is his favorite when the time is right. He also listed some other pretty well known beers as favorites but Coors was obviously the best on the list!! ;-)

Jon @ The Brewsite
has favorites but not a favorite. He loves the quote "My favorite beer is the one in front of me"

Tom @ Yours for Good Fermentables has a great quote!

Lew @ Seen Through a Glass doesn't have a favorite anything but isn't afraid to repeat.

Sonnett Beer is a taster like me but was willing to play the game.

Chipper Dave @ Fermentedly Challenged almost said the quote but ended up listing beers that impress him. So you really couldn't pick the hottest chick. I think that's easier then picking beer but then again I can pick a favorite beer.

The Scribe @ Mixed Dram has a favorite brewery but no favorite beer. Thanks for the review I really like the way you describe the beer!

The Beer Haiku Daily is fighting the machine (me in this case) refusing to name a favorite but is looking forward to seeing how other answer the question.

Bottles of Barley is calling out my BS comment but played the game anyway. I really enjoyed his review of the lambic.

The Barley Blog sucks (his words not mine I actually like his blog) . I was very happy to hear my topic got inside his head and he wasn't able to think about anything else for 2 days.

Mark @ Pencil and Spoon
doesn't want to sound snobby when talking about beer and doesn't really have a favorite but he does have a desert island beer.

Barley Vine like other before him doesn't have a favorite but does have a go to beer. I think he likes to mow the lawn and pray to a saint while drinking it. I probably read that wrong but you can interpret for yourself.

The husband, father, craft beer drinker @ Musings Over A Pint looked back at 2008 and listed his favorite beers seasonally. I was glad to have made him thirsty.

The Beer Nut pretends not to have a favorite (or go to) beer but I think he does. You let me know based on his post. I also love his quote "it's always there and it's always good"

Steph @ sighed but in the end she picked one. I don't quite buy it. I think she is humoring me and playing along.

Peter @ A Better Beer Blog doesn't care he doesn't have a favorite but favorites. He will also always take something new over a favorite. As a real BJCP judge he listed the favs by style then gave a best of show. I am no pro but his quick review tells me he has done this before.

Velky Al @ Fuggled started out all philosophical and then picked his favorite beer or atleast the most nostalgic.

Leigh @ The Good Stuff was one of a few that picked a favorite not out of requirement but out of the label color and design and who would have thunk it a Brit choosing an American beer.

Keith @ Brainard Brewing has an ever changing favorite but his favorite of the day is also one of my favorites. Then again the the brewer of that beer makes many of my of the beers I enjoy.

J @ Brookstone Beer Bulletin feels the same way as most of you about not having a favorite and brings in some professional brewer proof but he does admit that there are some her prefers at certain times.

The Legal Beer blog post states that his favorite beer is one that he hasn't tried yet. He popped open a new one just for this occasion. Like me he also likes to troll the aisles of the liquor store hoping to find something new.

Thomas @ Geistbear
blog told me to ask his bartender if he has a favorite beer. Anything but light lager would be his favorite.

Troy @ Great Canadian Pubs and Beers has a beer that if he sees it he doesn't even look at the rest of the beer menu but also has a bunch of other beers that may be the favorite of the day.

I would like to thank you all for contributing to this months topic no matter how you feel about the topic and I hope you enjoyed racking your brain to even think there may have been a possible favorite. Now we have a good month with my personal favorite holiday Thanksgiving before the folks at 21st Amendment host next month’s session #22.

If I missed any one let me know and you are never to late to post in my book so keep em coming. See you all next month!!!

Matt C.

***Late Update from me***

I would like to thank Peter at a Better Beer Blog for giving me something to try the Firestone Walker Pale 31. I might just be my new favorite beer. It was amazing!!! Fine you all may be right (don't tell my wife she still thinks I am never wrong, ya right) you can't truly have a favorite beer but you can have a current favorite!!!!

Take a read about this topic from the out side at fishbeer.


Lew Bryson said...

Never feel bad about stimulating conversation!

Thomas said...

I think you missed mine and maybe a couple of other folks but we posted in your original announcement post

Thomas said...

here is the link


Peter said...

Isn't the Pale 31 a great pale ale? It's also widely available so I can pick one up whenever the mood hits.

I may have called it a favorite based upon a "process of elimination" but calling it a "go-to" beer may be more accurate.

Thanks for hosting!

Matthew D Dunn said...

I posted something in response to Lew Bryson that might be of interest to you.

Definitely a stimulating topic.

Troy Burtch said...

Thanks for hosting Matt. I posted on Friday but forgot to inform you. Here is the link -