Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Session #20 - Beer and Memories

Hi All,

Welcome to my post for this months session. I would like to thank Ray and Melissa over at Bathtub Brewery for hosting this months event. I really like the topic Beer and Memories but I was having trouble deciding what beer memory to write about. So I decided to write a funny story from my younger days.

Picture this 19 years old and a sophomore in college. I know what your thinking this is going to be the typical get drunk and score for the first time story. Well you would be way off. When I first started school I hardly drank at all. I maybe had a little wine or champaign on Christmas I can't even remember if I had tried a beer. I was a good Boy ;-) Well my freshman year I played a lot of intramural sports: Flag Football, Soccer, Roller Hockey, Softball, Basketball, etc. I just did it for fun and to chill with my friends. My sophomore year I decided I wanted a little more competition so I say a signed for Club Rugby. Club sports are somewhere between intramurals and school sports. The biggest difference is you had to pay more to play to cover travel and expenses (mostly beer). So I went sighed up and we started practicing. Well our first few games were at home so we would play the game and most of the team would drink a keg of the fizzy yellow stuff before, during and after the game. I never thought that much about it because I didn't drink. I knew that Rugby players were drinkers, partiers, and all around crazy so it didn't shock me at all. I just played and did my thing.

Well the next game was out of town about 2 hours away and I was so excited. I hadn't been on a sports road trip in a few years. So we get the the game and everything goes smoothly. Everyone is drinking and playing away. After the game we all go to a party at the house of some of the other teams players. Rugby players hate each other during the game but after everyone is buddy buddy. I am just chilling talking to some people and some of our team captain said we need to talk to you. Well they handed me a bud light(I think) and told me to have a beer. I told them I no thanks I don't drink. Thats where it goes down hill. Well then they said you can't go home. That's not a big deal when your at a home game but it is when you are 2 hours away. So I just laughed at them an walked away. They set the beer down and said it would be waiting for me. I thought they were just joking. We all load up into the vans to head home and I go to get in and they block me. They said to me your beer is under that tree. One of the vans drives away and the driver gets into the other one and said drink the beer or have a good walk. Of course I drank the warm, flat nasty bud light and got in the van. That was the end of my rugby career.

Everytime I see or even sometime drink yellow fizzy stuff I think of that day and laugh. It is so ironic that I quit playing a sport that I rather enjoyed because they made me drink a beer. They made me drink a beer I am laughing now as I write. I never became a fan of the yellow fizzy stuff but I probably drank my share over the next few years. I never saw 50 cent pitchers of dogfish head, russian river, or sierra nevada. So you get the point. I know its not top of the line but even in college when I was drinking beer I would choose a Killians or Yuengling.

Thanks again to Bathtub Brewery for hosting this months session. I am looking forward to reading other peoples post. See you all next month.

I quit playing Rugby becasue they made me drink a beer!!!! LOL!!!

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