Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fermentation Friday - Homebrewing Horror Stories

Hi All,

Welcome to the this months scary Fermentation Friday homebrewing horror stories. Thanks to Rob @ Pfiff! for hosting this months blogging day. I wish I could say I had a really scary story but I don't. Its rather lame this story wouldn't scare a 21 year old. So hear it goes. On my first try at homebrewing for the second time I was trying to be perfect on everything. I wanted everything clean, sanitized, and all my ingredients layed out and ready to go. I had read the instructions on the kit a hundred times. I was going to be a successful brewer. So I started the boil and added the the malt extract and watched it boil for about 40 minutes. Here is where it get semi-scary!! I go to the counter to grab the spoon to stir and guess what I see. A little bag of green pellates. You homebrewers call them hop pellates I think. I had forgot to add the hops at the beginning of the boil. I was cursing all over the house. I had planned everything perfectly. I was so ready and I do this. Well I added the hops and boiled them for about 45 minutes. The instructions said boil the whole batch for 45 minutes total and I went for an hour and a half. I had no idea what was going to happen. I finished the rest of the steps and just did the normal 3 week waiting thing(1 week fermentation/2 weeks bottle conditioning).

Do you know how scary and hard it is to wait 3 weeks to try something when you may have messed up a very important step. Well I can tell you!! It is terrifying. Just like the scary night of Halloween comes and goes so does the wait to try the first brew. I put one in the fridge 3 weeks later and wait the excruciating few hours for it to chill. I grab the bottle opener and hear the all important pfiff (Rob don't get me for copyright infringement please). Then I pour it into a glass and it looks like beer. Then I take a good sniff and it smells like beer. Then I taste it. It tastes like beer I am sucessful. I had gotten through my scariest moment in my non existence homebrewing career. Think of it as a girl in a really scary costume and when she takes it off she is beautiful. That is what it felt like. I hope I never have to relive a moment like that again.

Thanks again Rob for hosting this months event. I am looking forward to reading all the scary stories and hopefully using them as a learning experience. See you all next month!

Matt C.

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