Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Session #19 - German Beer

Hi All,

Welcome to my post for this months Session "German Beer". I would like to thank the Lootcorp 3.0 for hosting this months session. I love this topic. I am going to discuss how Germany and German beer in general got me back on the beer train.

I know I had discussed this before but I have to start out by telling how Germany and German beer got me back into beer. About 3 years ago my wife and I went on our first trip to Europe and we started out in Italy. As most people know Italy is known for there wines and that is what we were into at the time. So as you would expect we drank a lot of wine with dinner and even had a top end wine from Montalcino. It was awesome and it had confirmed that wine was my drink of choice. Then we left Italy and went to Munich and Berlin. I had always liked beer but it was boring compared to the world of wine. At the time I think my craziest beer was Killians. Well in Munich I had tried german beer for the fist time. There was Spaten, Hefeweizens, Bocks, ext. they were really good and very different then anything I had had before. They had flavor and they just weren't bubbley water. I had really like them but we also drank a lot of Rieslings and some gewurztraminer wines and wine still felt more complex and that there was more to them. Then I went to Berlin to this Beer Bar (sorry I don't remeber the the name my wife's friend who was living in Germany took us there) and my whole world opened up. They must have had hundreds of beers from different places in Europe. Some were dark, some were light, some high alcohol, some low alcohol, some fruity, some dry. There was some many different styles that I had never seen before. I had an epiphany beer was going to become my passion. I had to learn more about them and try as many as I could. I went to that beer bar 3 times in my 3 days in Berlin and tried at least 10 different beers. It was awesome!! I have no idea what my favorite was or even what a particualar one tasted like all I remember is that the world of breer was a lot more complex then I had thought. I was going to spend the rest of my life trying new beers from new places and every time I travel I try to hit the local brewery to see what they have to offer. So as you can see German beer has showed me the world in a sence.

In terms of an actually German beer I would say I really enjoy the Spaten Dark. It is a nice dark lager that has a very light smokey/chocolate taste. It is very smooth yet flavorful.

I don't know if German beer per say is may favorite but I can tell you it did open my eyes to "A world of Brews". Thanks again to Lootcorp for hosting this month. I am looking forward to reading how German beer has influenced others.

See you all next month!!

Matt C.

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