Monday, September 15, 2008

Beer in Hawaii!!

Hi All,

A few weeks back I went to Hawaii with my wife. I know tough life!! She had to work a little I just had to chill and relax it was really nice. I bet no one can guess what I did while I was there. I'll wait a few why you think about it. ***************************************************** Ok give up!! I'll tell you!! I found some local breweries and a chain beer bar. The 2 local breweries were Sam Choy's and Brew Moon. I really liked Sam Choy's but I wasn't very impressed with Brewmoon. All of Sam Choy's brews (7 in all were very tasty). My personal favorite was the honey lager. It was nice and crisp and smooth. I am not a big fan of the yellow bubbly but this was some good stuff. Brewmoon was ok but nothing spectacular in my opinion. I don't like to really pick on brewers because I know they put alot of effort and work into there beers but I felt these beers tasted a little flat interms of flavor. I feel a lot of them were missing something a little more malt in this one and little more hops in that one. They were all very drinkable but I am always looking for the next great beer and I felt they fell a little short. So if you are ever in Honolulu then I say try both of these breweries. Always go local when its available.

The other place I hit was a chain called the Yardhouse. Let me tell you if you like beer on draft this is the place to go. They must have had a hundred beers on tap. My only complaint is that they have this thing called the 6 pack. It is a pre-picked taster of 6 of there on tap brews. I am a big fan of the taster. I want to taste as many brews as possible. My complaint is I can't pick 6 of my choice. There were numerous I wanted to try but I am not going to by pints of them all. Oh well what are you going to do. By the way the food was really good.

So next time you are in Hawaii try there beers you won't be disappointed.

Until next time,
Matt C.

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