Friday, August 1, 2008

The Session 18 - Happy Anniversary

Hi All,

First off I would like to say thanks to the Barley Blog for hosting this month session. This month the topic is Happy Anniversary. I had a tough time with this because I don't have any special beers that I can open right now. I need them for certain occasions. So I am going to tell my Grand Cru (sorry I don't remember the name. My harddrive crashed and I lost some of my tasting notes) story instead. This was a special beer that I accidentally drank about a month ago.

It all started with a long day at work. I came home and I wanted a beer but I wanted something different then my normal every day beer but i didn't want to drink a bomber. So I see this nice 12oz bottle with a nice red foil wrapping (that should have gave it away that this wasn't a normal beer) and I grab it. I usually like to try my beers before I read the label so that I can taste the beer with out knowing the style. I feel this helps me learn about the beer and I try to guess what I am drinking. Well I opened the foil, popped the cap, and poored it into a pint glass. First I looked at the beer and it was a golden orange with a nice head. Then I took a sniff and a strong alcohol scent hit my nostrils. I just figured the beer was fermented at to high a temperature and that there were going to be alot of fussil alcohol. So I went into the living room sat on the couch and took a drink. It tasted nothing like it smelled and it went down smooth with a slight taste of hot alcohol. It was really good. It had a perfect balance of malt, hops, and warmth. So i sit there for about 15 minutes drinking and trying to decide what it was cause it wasn't a style I was familiar with. Durring this time I also start feeling a little warm inside and was starting to get a slight buzz from a half bottle of beer. So I get up and go get the bottle. It was a grand cru with 18+% ABV. I started to smile and thought about the foil wrapper. That was a good bottle of beer and I wouldn't have had it as an afterwork beer. That was a sipping beer that I probably would have split with someone. Who knows maybe at an anniversary somewhere!!

I hope you all enjoyed my slightly off topic story and thanks again to the Barley Blog for hosting. See you all next month for the session!!

Matt C.

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