Saturday, August 9, 2008

San Diego for a Conference

Hi All,

I was in San Diego, CA for the ESRI user conference. It was a great conference as usual my only complaint is I took a city car and wasn't able to get to any of the local breweries other then Rock Bottom. The always have some good beers but I prefer to hit the small guys rather then the chains. I did find a really cool bar called The Local (corner of 4th and C). Like the name states most of its beers come from local brewers like Aleworks, Stone and Karl Straus. I highly recommend that you hit this bar if you want good beer and are in the Gaslamp district. Other then I failed in my quest to find Stone Vertical Epic. I had read in a blog somewhere that it would start showing up on the 4th but all the plases I went to that are to have it hadn't recieved it yet. Hopefully i'll get to the actual Stone brewery before its all gone or find it online somewhere.

Talk to you all later!!!


Ricky said...

You mentioned Stone's Verticle Epic...haven't had one yet, but have two 22oz'ers on the way that should be delivered tomorrow! My favorite cousin lives a block or two from the brewery, and she was out of town during the release. Given that it always sells out so fast, I called her and was taunting her about her missing it, while living right next to the brewery, and she apparently had procured some a bit early and had already sent me some too! When it rains it pours I guess, heh heh. Hope you find some somewhere.

Ricky (the guy)

Brewmaster Matt said...

I hope so I love trying special beers. I was surprised that I had never heard of it before. I was reading a blog and I noticed it.

Ricky said...

I don't know if they actually still have it, nor if you're wanting to pay the shipping, but here's where I bought mine (online):

No affiliation, yadda yadda. I've ordered from them before and never had any problems, but I think you have to order in certain quantities due to the way they pack it (very securely) for shipping. They still have the Verticle Epic listed, and allso the 12th anniversary by Stone as well.

Dunno if you're a hophead or not, but if so, and you haven't tried them, I would also recommend Stone's Arrogant Bastard and Stone's Ruination IPA (two of my absolute favorites!)