Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fermentation Friday - Best Beer and Why?

Hi all,

Welcome to this months fermentation friday. As usual I would like to thank The Redneck Brewer for hosting this months event. Now on to the post. When I saw this months topic “What, in the opinion of others, is the best beer you have ever made and why?" I wasn't sure what to write about. I don't really know the answer. Everyone who has ever tried my beer has liked them. At least that is what they tell me and I am inclined to believe them because I also feel it is my best beer to date. I must admit I am only on my 8th batch and I haven't been very creative so everything has gone pretty smoothly and turned out well. If I had to make a guess my Double IPA would probably go down as my best beer to date. Almost everyone that comes by asks me if I have any of that IPA stuff left. I am down to a bottle or 2 so I have to fib and say no. I would like to make it again someday but as a new brewer I am really enjoying making different recipes and different styles. It will be a while before I brew the same recipe again.

It was a really nice brownish orange in color. It had a really nice long lasting head. The nose was very floral with a hint of citrus, and the flavor was nice and hoppy but still smooth. It was tasty if I (and others) do say so ourselves.) I can't take all the credit though Midwest Supplies came up with a great recipe.

I am not sure how many of you home brewers out there brew alot of repeats but I don't feel I am ready for that. My goal is to make every beer the best beer so I don't have to answer this question. Thanks again to the redneck brewer for hosting and I will see you all next month!!


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Paula said...

There is nothing like a good ale and there are some great beers out there. Favorites of mine include some English ales such as Bishops Finger, McEwans Champion Ale and Courage Directors, with are lovely to sup as the winter nights draw ever closer. The McEwans champion is around 7.5% abv I think but tastes fantastic.