Thursday, July 24, 2008

Winter Warmer - Update

Hi All,

Here is a short update on the Winter Warmer. I went to transfer to secondary last Saturday and it was still bubbling away. So I took a gravity reading and it was still rather high. I put the cover back on, refilled the airlock and gave it a few more days. On Wednesday night I checked to see the bubbling has stopped and it had so I took another gravity reading and it was right at the top end of the range so I was ready to transfer to secondary. I did the normal clean and sanitize routine and the nice dark sweet liquid went to its resting place for about the next month. It tasted really nice flat and unaged. Its going to be a long 4 month wait. I probably won't wait that long so I can see how it progresses but it should be at its best in that time range. Talk to you after bottling!!

Matt C.

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