Friday, July 4, 2008

Session 17 - Drinking Anti-Seasonally

Hi all,

First I would like to thank Rob at Pfiff!! for hosting this months session. Second I am going to announce to the world (or atleast the beer community) my new blog "A World of Brews". What better way to kick off the first post on a new blog then a first friday event the session. I haven't finished the design yet but if I don't start sometime I probably will never be done. Without further ado her is this months thoughts on Drinking Anti-Seasonally!!

I never really thought about this topic before this year. Do I have a seasonal preferences in beer? I first had a discussion with a few people in my running club and they all said they loved IPA's in the summer and Imperial Stouts in the winter. I said I didn't really care I was more interested in trying different styles and brands of craft brews. So far this summer. I have had everything from Barleywines to Imperial Stouts. When I get done with the lawn or coming back from the store I look whats in my fridge and I think about what sounds good or looks interesting. I will say that most of the time summer or winter it is a hoppy IPA or DIPA. That is my favorite style and every season is IPA time. I also do enjoy other "summer time" beers all year around. This includes Kolsch, Hefeweizen, and Pilzners.

I guess I am a rebel doing my own thing. Kind of like a chunky James Dean. ;-) I guess after really thinking about it I do lean towards lighter beers in the summer but I am not sure its because of the heat but it may be who knows. I say don't think seasons think good beer and drink what sounds good to you.

Peace out until next month!!! Thanks again Rob!!

Matt C.

PS. I may someday get to moving over my beer posts from my first blog Matts Simple Life but until then if you are interested please go to the site and read them from there!

Here it the update at Rob's at Pfiff!! Enjoy!

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