Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brew Day - Winter Warmer

Hi All,

I just brewed a winter warmer this weekend. I know its not winter but this baby has to age for 4-6 months. In this time frame it will be ready by Thanksgiving. I tried the the pre-fermented wort and it tasted really good. I am looking forward to trying it after it ferments. The Basic recipe for the brew is as followed.

Winter Ale
6lbs Dark LME
3.3lbs Gold LME
4 oz. Carafa II specialty grains
8 oz. Munich specialty grains
8 oz. Cara Wheat specialty grains
4 oz. Chocolate Rye specialty grains
4 oz. Melanoidin specialty grains
½ tsp Caraway
1oz Northern Brewer Hops
1oz Hallertau Hops
Irish Moss
Wyeast German Ale #1007

30 Minute Specialty Grain Steep at 155

After first boil add 1/2 oz Northern Brewer hops for all 60 min
Add 1 oz Hallertau for last 30 min
Add 1/2 oz of Norther brewer for last 20 min
Add Irish Moss for last 15 min
Add 1/2 tsp Caraway for last 10 min

Strain Cooled Down Wort
Add Yeast

Ferment for 1 week
Secondary for 2-4 weeks
bottle or keg and let condition for 4-6 months

I will keep you updated on the Winter Warmer and if you are thinking about brewing a holiday beer you better start soon for proper conditioning.

Talk to you all later peace out!!


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