Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October Fermentation Friday - “Remember why we brew?”

Hi all,

Welcome to my post for the October session of Fermentation Friday hosted by CNYBrew. This months topic "Remember why we brew" made me really think why do I brew. Well I brew for the love the beer. What better way to learn about my favorite beverage then to make it myself. I have tried hundreds of different beers from all over the country and world. While drinking many of these beers I always wondered how did they get that great citrus aroma or that great chocolate taste. I had to find out for myself so I started brewing. I just started out with something simple a nice amber ale due to the fact that I felt an amber ale has a little of everything that is good in the beer world. Good hop and malt flavors of aroma but not overly powerful in any one area. It was amazing to drink your first beer your drink. It may be good or it may be bad but its yours. Once you pop open your first beer and try it you realize there is a whole new world available to you. You can add as much hops you want, you can make it as strong or as weak as you want, you can add any kind of fruit, spice, or herb that you want. Its your beer! Heck you can even make someone elses beer but its still your beer.

So why do I brew! I brew cause I want to make my beer. I want to take the best of what I like from each beer I taste to possibly create the perfect beer. Is it possible to make the perfect beer? I don't know but I am sure going to try. That is why I brew!!

Thanks again to CNYBrew for hosting this month. See you all next month!!

Matt C.

Friday, September 25, 2009

September Fermentation Friday - "What turned you on to Craft Beer"

Hi All,

Welcome to this this months Fermentation Friday hosted by Jason @ Brewing the Perfect Beer! This months topic is one I have written about a few times. What turned me on to craft beer wasn't really craft beer at all. It was mass market German beer while in Germany. Before the trip to Germany a few years ago I wasn't really into beer I was in to wine. When we got to Munich I had the most amazing beer I had ever had. I think it was Spaten Octoberfest. I loved it! So while checking out Munich I got to try other Spaten beers,some Hoegaarden, and some local beers. From that point on I couldn't stop thinking about what other beers were out there. Luckily the next stop was Berlin and my wife's friend took us to this beer bar with hundreds of different beers to choose from. We went there all three nights we were there and I must have tried a dozen different kinds. It doesn't sound like a lot but they were high in alcohol and $$$. I have been trying as many beers as I can since then. I love the different flavors and ingredients that craft beer offers. If it weren't for craft beer I wouldn't have become a home brewer. What better way to learn about your favorite beverage and passion then to make it yourself. As a home brewer the more beers I try the more I learn about what I like and what I would like to brew.

Well folks that is how I got into craft beer. Thanks again to Jason for hosting. See you next month!

Matt C.

PS -The mass market German beers isn't the best beers I have ever tasted anymore. At the time Dos Equis or Amstel were the top of my beer list. Sad Huh! Then again there was there beer bar in college that had tons of craft beers and imports but I just tried them to get the mug on the wall. I didn't really know what I was drinking. So I am not counting it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beer Review #44 - Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Hi Guys,

I know its been a while but here it is. Who would have thought a 7 month old would suck all the energy out of you. Rather then drink a beer and write I much prefer to drink a beer and relax. But don't worry I know that if I am truly going to be the famous beer writer that I know will happen (yeah right) then I have to post. Like I stated in my last post I hope to do one review a week and go from there. On to the Rogue Dead Guy review.

Appearance - The Dead Guy pours a nice copper color with a great head. The head leaves a nice lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma - The Dead Guy has a good hint of pine and maybe a hint of citrus from the hops. This is well balanced with hints of caramel from the malt.

Taste - All the flavors in the aroma come through in the taste of the Dead Guy but I feel the malt has a slight lead in the taste.

Mouthfeel - The Dead Guy has a nice light to medium mouthfeel. The carbonation caries everything throughout the mouth.

Drinkability - This is what I call a good all year beer. It has enough body for the cool months but is light enough for the summer.

Welcome back all see you next time.

Matt C.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Been Busy!!

Wow its been a long time since I posted. I have been swamped at work. My wife has been traveling a lot for work so I have been playing Mr. Mom a few nights a week and I have been trying to cut back on the beer consumption. All these factors have kept me from posting the way I would like. So I guess that means I am going to have to re evaluate my goal of posting 2 reviews a week and just do one. I promise I will have one for you by close of business Sunday. I think I can fit in a beer during football. Ok I can probably fit in 2 so maybe I will cheat and save it for a later date.

I am still around. Keep looking and keep reading!!

Matt C.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fermentation Friday Roundup - Breaking away from the Norm

Hi All,

Sorry about the late roundup. When I first thought of the topic I had an idea in mind. I wanted to know if all you home brewers out there slightly stepped outside the box when brewing. Meaning there are many types of hops, grains, and yeasts but when brewing you always see people using basic American 2-row, some of the 3 C hops, and some American ale yeast. I wanted to know if people ever slightly stepped outside the box by using some lesser know variety of hops like glacier, with a base of 6-row, using Safale 04 as the yeast. I don't think everyone got that and now that I have read what I asked for I don't think I made that very clear. So like Adam said I guess this turned in to taking risk and brewing outside the box cause that is how most of you answered the question. I think if I were to do it over again i think I would title the topic "Substitution Game - Getting A Similar Beer by Slightly Tweeking the Ingredients"

So here is the roundup for this month!

Jason from Brewing the Perfect Beer just used Pilsner Malt for the first time but will stick with 2-row due to cost.

Mr. Randolph over at Just Another Booze Blog must have had a lot of beers before writing but it was an entertaining read. Tip don't try to use fruit to hide beer flaws it don't work. It seems that he loved my topic so much he posted twice. I think this was the first one. He told us his favorite beer is Miller High Life ;-) and he tried to make it(even used the rice). It almost worked something went wrong with carbonation.

Rob at Pfiff was dumbfounded at the topic but I don't know why. His holiday ale is made with a pilsner malt. That's not the normal 2-row.

Jimmy at Hopwild tried some reverse psychology on me. He says try to use the 3 C hops in a recipe that normally doesn't call for them.

John at Brew Dudes says you need to balance the basics with the experimental just like you balance the hops and the malt.

Adam at Beer Bits 2 normal operations of on the fly brewing causes him to use ingredients not normally used in a recipe. He has to use what is on hand such as a hefeweizen yeast in a pale ale. This is what I am talking about.

Steph at Brew.Cook.Pair.Joy is rarely in the norm they have used the 3 C hops but no more then her use of noble hops. She also has used many regional base malts when brewing the beers of the region.

Thanks again to Adam at Beer Bits 2 for starting this fun event and allowing me to host again. I now hand the reigns to Jason at Brewing the Perfect Beer who will be hosting the September Fermentation Friday. I wonder what exciting topic he has in store for us.

See you all next month!!

Matt C.

Fermentation Friday Roundup Delayed

Hi all that posted to this months Fermentation Friday. When I signed up to host i forgot I was going out of town for the week. I just got back and will have the roundup done sometime between tonight and Tuesday evening.

Sorry for the delay and thanks again for posting.

Matt C.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

August Fermentation Friday Topic Announcement

Hi Guys,

I volunteered to host another Fermentation Friday but I didn't realize it would come so soon. For the last few days I have been racking the brain for a fun and stimulating topic and I think I may finally have come up with one. Ok, Ok I am am lying my topic ended up going back to the basics. In this case the basics are the ingredients. Most home brewers I know and read about use the standard 2 row base malt and the 3 big C's for the hops and maybe a nice 1056 or 05 for the yeast. In my book that is kind of boring even though I do it myself. I want to know if and why you break away from the norm. Do you use Maris Otter for your base and Tettenger as the hop. Or have you ever tried using a specialty malt as a base (can this even be done)? Do you like to mix up the yeast or do you always stay the same. So bust out your out of the norm recipes and tell me why you chose what you did.

Let me and the world know! See you on August 28th!! Send me an email if you know it or just post a comment here and I will compile them all in a nice post as usual.

Peace out and see you all soon!

Matt C.